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Rasa kit vs h100

Hi I just wanted to know the performance comparison between the Rasa RS360 and the Corsair H100. Or really any of the Rasa Kits vs the h100. Thank you.
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  1. No comparison, Rasa/Raystorm kits will outperform H100. This considers kits with 240 or 360 rads, not 120's.
  2. Yeah, they aren't even in the same category, in terms of price, size, maintenance, etc. Apples to oranges really.
  3. The Rs series is pretty much redundant now anyhow, the Rx is way better and the Ex is better but the same size (if size is an issue for you)
  4. The ex kit isn't available in the US yet, and the Rx is too big for my case. I'd have to mount it to the back, which i don't want to do. But from what I understand I'll be fine with the Rs 360 on an overclocked i7-2600k. my roommate gets 4.6 ghz on a mid level air cooler. So as long as I get a good chip, I'm sure I'll easily get that or higher with much lower temps.
  5. You could go with a Rasa RX/RS240 and still get great cooling.
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    I guess ultimately it depends on what temps you want to achieve compared to what you are getting now. 5ghz isn't really a good option for 24/7 as it requires more voltage than really is safe long-term on those chips. However, if you are happy with where you are now, you should be quite fine with a Rasa kit.

    I could have sworn I've seen EX kits available in the US on a couple sites...but I'm not seeing them this morning.
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