600-800 gaming htpc


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: watching 1080p movies, not a heavy gaming,downloading movies and act as a remote(might move this to my current desktop if htpc become noise and hot) ,surfing, music player, occasionally photoshoping

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard,mouse,OS, monitor,hdd,ram,optical drive

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: ncix.com,newegg.ca, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Vancouver,Canada






Cpu: athlon x4 620

Motherboard: gigabyte-ma785gmt-ud2h

GPU: any 4850 or 4870(depend on the deal)

Case:antec micro fusion 350(heard lots of bad thing about difficulties of installation)

Soundcard: havent decided yet

Tv Tuner: havent decided yet

Heatsink: stock(do i need one to keep cool n quiet?)

Speaker System: need recommendation(bang for buck 5.1/7.1 will be really nice)

Please comment on my parts selection
I am thinking to make my htpc like an receiver(hub between my 46 1080p lcd and speaker system)
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  1. Flymehigh said:
    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Boxing day(26th Dec) BUDGET RANGE: 600-800
    Antec Micro Fusion 350 case will fit the mATX GA-MA785GMT-UD2H 785G motherboard.

    But the full size 4850/4870 will not fit in the Antec Micro Fusion 350 case and it doesn't have enough power to run those cards. You could fit a low-profile card in the case and in the power envelope like this SAPPHIRE HD 4650

    Are you size limited on your case? There are bigger cases which will take a full size video card. Some examples

    If you're not sticking the HTPC case some where confined, where there is limited airflow, I think you can get by OK with the stock heat sink/fan.
  2. how bout this case
    antec nsk 2480
    will 380 watt enough for this build?
    I have heard alot good things about antec lately and im impressed with my friend's antec 900

    how bout the others?
  3. You are still light in the PSU department.
    That Antec 380W PSU might just be able to run a 4850 but it could get loud when its pushed hard while gaming.
    4850 video card will need a 450W PSU
    4870 video card will need a 500W PSU 4870 reqmts see the bottom of the page
  4. thx for the fast reply first of all

    i want the system to be able to run fps games say COD 4 at max graphic setting at 1080p. So my question is which gpu will satisfy me?and which side should i go for nvidia or ati?please include the reason if it is possible
  5. why not get a X2 5xx cpu? dont think you need a quad, it is about 20$ cheaper too.
    if so, you always can try to unlock the disabled core, how knows, you might get a fully functional quad or X3 in the price of X2
  6. will i be better off with say x2 545 which is $25 cheaper if this system will act as media server(my parents and sister wants to stream videos to their bedrooms)?
    can u elaborate the "unlocking core" part? im kinda lost there
  7. From Extreme Power Supply Calculator
    with 4850 i just need 262w
    My question is how accurate is that site?
  8. It's pretty accurate when used correctly. And when you understand about having the correct amperage distribution (that note on the Extreme Power Supply Calculator)

    Which would make the Antec 380W PSU a fairly good match. PSUs are most efficient when they run in the range of 40-60% of rated power.

    When a PSU is pushed hard it runs hotter and louder which is one reason you see recommendations to up-size PSUs. And that can be a problem for small, possibly under-ventilated HTPC type cases. Most perfer HTPC systems to be quiter.

    Max graphics quality settings in some games at 1920x1080 is going to be a challenge for a 4850 or even a 4870.
    For COD4 it won't be a problem. For Crysis - you'd have to turn the graphics down, maybe even to medium, to be playable at 1980x1050.

    To stream videos (act as a server) is a fairly low demand on the system. For that task you could go a lot lower in the CPU and leave out the gaming GPU.
  9. So are you saying that when i should get a psu at least twice the value the i got in extreme power calculator (in my case 525W) to keep my htpc cool and quiet?

    so the antec will be under-ventilated if i want to put 4850 or higher gpu for gaming?
  10. No; I think if you get a 380W PSU it should work out well for you. During a heavy gaming session you might start to notice the fan running louder, but you won't be pushing the PSU to its limit.

    What you have chosen is much closer to a gaming system than a typical HTPC. You probably should check and see what the other people are saying about that case. Check the NewEgg customer comments and pay special attention to remarks about cooling, especially any who have hardware similar to yours.
    That HTPC case does have 2 fans for cooling but you'll want to monitor your temps to make sure they are under control.
  11. ok i'll keep that in mind.

    I shouldve said this from the beginning but anw since i just want to play games occasionally, i just want to max out most of the fps which means that i dun mind playing in lower resolution "heavy games" such as crysis, stalker, gta IV.

    do i just need to get better gpu while cheap on cpu for a better performance or they are working in synergy?

    P.S thx for all of your useful comments WR2
  12. I think you have a pretty well balanced system. CPU/GPU match pretty well for 1920x1080 gaming - as long as you can back off the AA/AF setting and maybe live with 'Gamer Quality' in place of Max Quality for some of the more demanding games - like Crysis.
  13. CPU:
    Just as Daggs have mentioned will i be better off with phenom X2 and unlock it rather than x4? I heard that quad core only useful for encoding which i wont be doing.

    MOBO:is the mobo good enough?or is there any better value mobo out there?

    RAM:is there any specific ddr3 that i should look out? or anything will do?

    GPU: Should i wait for the 57xx series be4 deciding?
    im thinking of getting this 4850
    what do you think?
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