Original Problem, High CPU usage.

My original problem was and still is high CPU usage. Was advised to clean fan,cpu,PS, etc. and did that. Then was advised to update drivers. After doing that I now have what I believe to be a driver conflict. When I press the scan and print button on my HP G3110 scanner, Windows trys to install a scanner which is not there. I tried to uninstall the G3110 program and it will not uninstall. Tried to remove the G3110 software and it says it does not exist. Help? All this started after using DriverUpdater. I still have high CPU usage.
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  1. Apparently the DriverUpdater failed to install the driver correctly... this type of driver issues can be caused by failed or interrupted device driver installations, and the only way I've found to get rid of this type of problem is correctly completing the device driver installation with the device connected & turned on... and after it's been successfully installed, you can correctly remove/uninstall the device from the Device Manager*, uninstall the program, and remove the device.

    *Right click on My Computer icon \ select Manage \ click on Device Manager \ find the scanner \ right click it and select Uninstall.
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