Settng bios memory gigabyte 790xt-usb3

default date in bios is 2050. obviously makes surfing the web and logging onto secure sites problematical. enter bios to set correct date and with arrow plus and minus keys, the only year dates available are 2039 to 2099. using highlighted year date and manually setting 2010 will not be accepted and also why is the weekday greyed out, ex. sun mon ect ,anybody run onto this issue and how is it solved? thanks
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  1. Try resetting the BIOS (clear CMOS) and if that doesn't help, try downloading and flashing to the newest BIOS using Qflash (NOT @BIOS). No, I have never seen this problem before, but I would guess something got corrupted.
  2. i'll give it a try- wanted to pull the battery but flashing the bios is tricky but will have to i guess, the other issue was how to get this board to boot from the cdrom. wanted to run trinity rescue to check if malware was the problem but could not get any bios configuration to boot the cd first. thanks for your reply
  3. It should be under boot order, Gigabyte BIOSes aren't too bad to work with. Check your motherboard manual (and if you don't have/can't find that, you can download it from Gigabyte's website. Just find your board and there will be a link on the right hand side).

    BIOS flashing isn't too bad either. See:
  4. well now after pulling the cmos it still doesn't give me any option other than 2050 and now two storage drives and the cdrom aren't detected, even after i went back to the bios and had them auto detected. somehow i lost the good profile it used to boot, and i thought i got away with something by not having to re activate windows when i changed boards.
  5. just to update nobody is going to hit this problem, the board had a bad bios chip- couldn't reflash tried several times it just would not take. replaced board all is well, probably the only gigabyte board in creation and i happened to hit it.should have been buying lottery tickets.
  6. Yeah, I always think of adding that whenever someone has a defective part. I have a feeling it wouldn't make them feel much better :lol:

    But thanks for posting back with the solution. Although most others won't hit this issue, who knows. It also goes to show, don't drive yourself crazy trying to fix something, as it may just be defective and unfixable.
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