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We had a power outage two days ago and I didn't unplug my computer before the power came back on. I had just finished building a new i5 HTPC the week before and it now has serious problems. The computer will bootup and load windows7 login screen but it takes around 6 hours. When the screen comes up that says boot in safe mode or normal mode and has the 30 second countdown each second takes around 5-10 minutes to change. It is like everything is working but happening so slow that no input from a keyboard or mouse is ever registered. Is this something like the cache on my CPU got messed up, the memory or the motherboard? My guess was that I need to replace the CPU but before I drop another $200 I thought I would see if anyone had any better ideas. I can't run any diagnostics since it is running too slow and I can't remote desktop into it for the same reason. Help! Thanks!

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  1. first id look in bios to see what i detect: you could try resetting the bios.

    if everything is ok there, id try installing win7 on another hard drive or Windows ultimate boot cd....

    good luck
  2. Thanks. It wouldn't let me access the bios as it never saw the keypress but I just tried pulling one of the sticks of ram to see if that might be the problem. The first stick I pulled didn't change anything so I put it back and pulled the other. That seems to have done the trick so it must be a bad stick of ram.

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