Driver conflict?

Used DriverUpdater to attempt to resolve high CPU usage. Now have a conflict when I use my HP scanner. Windows attemps to install different scanner. How can I correct?
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  1. Personally, I never use "driver updater" software and it's a minefield over the web anytime you search for a specific driver you get these scam "driver updater" software downloads all over.
    Your CPU usage may be unrelated to drivers, have you tried checking motherboard driver updates directly FROM your motherboard manufacturer ? First step is I would uninstall all traces of "driver updaters". Then uninstall scanners, HP has good support, just get the correct driver for your scanner, choose custom install and choose driver only if you don't want the software that comes with it. Do a software cleanup after install, by removing unnecessary stuff installed by HP. Always check your startup, make sure things that don't need to start up with windows are not there, cause that can cause high CPU usage.
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