Asus P6T Deluxe V2 - What'st he best RAM I can get for gaming?


I've got an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 board and I'm looking at getting a new kit of RAM. However, I don't know much about RAM so I was wondering: what's a good choice of RAM for a system that's going to be used strictly for high-end gaming? I'm looking for the best performance I can get; cost is not an issue.

I was looking at this one:

Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi.

    Well, like the budget isn't a problem for your. THIS are very good options.

    You option isn't good because the CL is very high.
  2. Hmm, that link isn't working. I'm getting a "You must first designate which items to compare by clicking on the appropriate check box in the product listing. " error.

    What about this RAM: ?
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  4. Alright, that one works. However, none of those sticks of RAM show up on my mobo's QVL. Should I be worried about that?
  5. Not really, the QVL of the mobo is only a guide to know that the mobo support that RAM speed.

    If the RAM isn't listened in that list, doesn't mean that don't work with the mobo, just means that the mobo wasn't tested with that specific reference.
  6. I'm leaning a bit towards the Corsair Dominator kit. Any more input on that one? It doesn't have any customer reviews yet.
  7. Well the price of the Corsair is $399.99, very expensive. Is CL6 and comes with RAM cooler, but you probably won't see any difference if install that cooler or not.

    If you want a RAM CL6, you can go with the Mushkin Redline, are more cheap and you get the same performance that with the Corsair.
  8. I'm more concerned about it working with my motherboard. The Corsair website has a memory compatibility tool, and it's recommending me as the best "guaranteed" compatible memory for my mobo. :??:

    The problem is I have to order through 3rd parties since I don't live in the US. So even though money is not a problem, I've to make absolutely sure whatever I buy will work with my mobo because returning the memory is almost impossible.
  9. The CL of that RAM is CL9, is high and expensive for that RAM.

    Now, I not live in the US too, even, the English isn't my native language. I currently have installed on my mobo 4GB (2x2GB) Curcial Ballistix Tracer that aren't in the QVL on the mobo and I don't have any problem with that RAM.

    If you prefer buy a RAM from the QVL, go with this
  10. Hmm, that OCZ RAM doesn't look that great compared to the other ones. So is the QVL really that important?

    I think I might go with this one:

    I really want to get the Dominators, but the price is too high for gambling whether or not it might work with my motherboard. Also, I can't order directly from Newegg cause they won't take international credit cards, so I have to resort to Amazon.
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  12. No, the QVL isn't really important.

    Like I say up, is like a guide for the costumers about what RAM can buy. But isn't necessary that the costumer buy the RAM that appears on the list.

    The Mushkin Redline are a very good option for your.
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