The process terminated unexpectedly. [0x8007042b]


I am trying to make it so that SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) service uses "Local System" as it's default login. When I do so and click ok I get the following error "The process terminated unexpectedly. [0x8007042b]"

Now I'm confused because I've found 2 completely different issues that use the same error/code. is related to SQL Server 2005 which is perfect cause thats what I'm using and getting the error with but its confusing and I'm not quite sure what hes trying to say.

The other is Microsoft's reply.

All I wanna know is how do I fix this error :(. I've been looking around and playing with it for a bit but nothing seems to work. Could anyone help please?.
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  1. SQL Server requires that Server service is Started, SSDP started and DCOM started, make sure you have those on.
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