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Hey guys just a quick question in relation to my power supply - found here:
and static electricity. do I need to worry about static discharge when handling my power supply? I know I need to for the rest of the components minus the CPU cooler, what about the power supply?
my guess is no since it didn't come in an anti static bag but as i said i am a newbie
Thanks all,
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  1. The all metal case surrounding the internal components pretty much rules out the need for any anti-static precautions.
  2. Are we talking the metal in relation to the case or the power supply? sorry wasn't quite sure.
    Thanks for your help :)
  3. The capacitors of the power supply are specifically designed to absorb any sudden power surges, there is no fine wiring in there anyway to get fried so you can handle it while wearing a fuzzy sweater and rubbing your fuzzy socks on the shag carpet and not risk damaging it.
  4. You asked about the power supply, not the case.
  5. Thanks guys
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