How to effectively oc a video card?

I bought the zotac amp 560 ti a while back but the card would overheat and so i followed the advice of some comments and i tinkered with the card and underclocked it. However now i want to see if i can overclock it but stably and wanted to know how to do it. Are there benchmarks, tips, tricks, etc. i used msi's afterburner btw.
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  1. if you can change voltage of gpu then you can overclock to 20percent otherwise 10 is stable
    and read this too
  2. sadly i dont understand overclocking. i tried using the furmark benchmark test results in order to determine if i was gaining or losing performance but the results were so varied i wasnt able to determine anything. i was using afterburner to oc. I want to give it another go but i just dont understand why my scores were all over the place. also my temps were way too high (100) and i dont know if this is normal. With afterburner on a zotac amp why cant i adjust my fan speed? ughhh i need somebody to hold my hand while walking me through the process. I was like this when i started messing around with roms and my android but now i can do everything myself, so i know there is hope.
  3. Read reviews on the exact card in question. Usually they do an overclock and publish the maximum stable settings for the card. Copy down settings and apply just a little lower than what the review had. Tweak as needed.
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