My old HDD died so I took the HDD out of a WD external drive. Trying to figure out how to get it to NTFS. Tried a format from just installing windows no go. I have it plugged in now. I can find it on device manager and by doing manage from my computer but it wont show up just in my computer. Ive tried doing format X: /fs:ntfs and convert x: /fs:ntfs said ntfs isnt supported and then that it couldnt convert volume on this drive. Running out of ideas. Right click and format only gives me options for UDF
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  1. Have you tried going into Disk Management and formatting the partition from there? If Windows is having a problem with it, simply delete the partition (still from Disk Management) and reformat using NTFS.

    That should do the trick...
  2. Return the HDD to its enclosure and follow the steps in the second post of this thread:
    Then take the HDD out again and try.
    If that didn't work then try third party softwares to format the volume such as Paragon and Acronis disk director.
  3. Disk Manager wont let me just delete the partiton. I put the housing back on and it makes the windows noise like it found it and says it found it. It will only work with Firewire, the USB it do anything. Its not in My computer I found the partition in disk manager if I hook it up without the housing but it has no letter or anything its down in the list at the bottom but not in the main list up top. No assigned drive letter or anything. I tried right clicking it down in the bottom list and no format option, just 3 new volume types properties and help. Also the WD smart wear doesnt find it either way
  4. Then refer to the second solution. Windows Disk Manager is rather weak anyway.
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