CPU Fan Speed: Sporadic Flucuations

I recently upgraded my motherboard from the original one that came with my computer, to a Jetway JXBLUE-78GA3D-LF motherboard. After I got everything installed and working, my CPU's fan speed began rising and falling randomly with no discernible pattern. It almost sounds like a small vacuum. I know its not temperature related, nor is the fan faulty, considering that it worked fine on the old motherboard. It also doesn't change in coordination to my CPU usage. Sometimes it will go quietly at 100% and go nuts at 50%. I have attempted using the Speedfan utility to no avail and can't find the fan speed options in my Bios. I don't think it's detrimental, merely annoying and putting undue stress onto the fan. Any Ideas?
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  1. Try to disable an option which is called something similar to CPU Smart Fan Control.
  2. Where is CPU fan plugged into ?
  3. The regular place on the motherboard. The manual labels it as where you plug it in, it IS a 4 pin slot, whereas the fan is 3 pin but it is plugged into the approptiate place
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