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Hello all,
Issue with booting from IDE disk. Mobo is P6T Deluxe v2
I have searched the forums but apparently this is a not a common issue, so here it goes.

In the box there are 1 IDE disk and 3 SATA drives. I want to install win7 on IDE and keep the SATA for storage. Port SATA 1 to 6 are used.IDE disk is jumped as Master.

Despite many trials, I cannot set up the BIOS to boot in priority on IDE disk. How can I do that?? All I can see in the priority list are the SATA devices.
At first I thought the conflict came from the SATA recognized as IDE, so I have set them as AHCI.
Now, with the IDE jumper and the HACI the Marvell controller is waiting on timeout before initializing.
So I have a conflict there I believe.
Any ideas ??

Cheers in advance.
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  1. Are you really sure you want to use an old obsolete hard drive on a nice new i5/i7 platform?? If anything put your OS on a fast drive and use the old one for storage. The old VW engine in a Ferrari analogy is what I am thinking of here ;)

    I have not used ASUS BIOS in a while but you may have to make sure that the controller is in IDE mode not RAID or AHCI. Then make sure the drive is set to master with the jumper.
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