Overclocking AMD Phenom II x6 1035t

Hello, I have recently ran into some problems when attempting to overclock my new(less than 5 days old setup).

The motherboard I had purchased comes with 2 switches called MSI Easy OC Switch. I have enabled both of these for a 20% Increase and booted up with several problems including a windows HDD Integrity check fail of some sort. I quickly worked through those problems with no real losses and continued with running a few stress tests with 20% enabled. I Blue Screened several times as well as having other memory errors from windows.

So, I decided to bump it down to 10% for a while and it was stable for the most part and ran without problems for a day or so until I started having BSoD's with that as well. My question would be if there is any way to overclock this setup while remaining safe and or stable for the most part. I have advanced bios functions for manual OC but I have yet to try them. So far from what I can tell the problems I am having would be related to the ram OC, I personally have heard the OC switch on the Motherboard not only increases FSB but also OC's RAM. If anyone has any suggestions or comments on how this may be resolved that would be great.

My Build Specifications are below:

Mobo: MSI 760gm e51
CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1035t
RAM: 2x 4GB Corsair XMS3 1333Mhz
Power Supply: DiabloTek Elite 450 Watt PSU
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  1. i wouldnt use the switch personally i have a 1090t ... i think the biggest limiter for you is the locked clock multiplier .. and i have to say its really important to have good ram.. stock ram you get isnt very reliable .. for ocing .. like with me i have 16gbs of corsair xms3 1333 mhz ram in my system but it really dose not like going much past 1333 mhz seeing as how you have a low multiplier for stock the only real way to increase your core clock is to adjust the the clock value its self.. manually .. realistically id say you could exspect 3.6 ghz maybe 3.7 but thats pushing it and dont raise your voltage much past 1.45 volts 1.5 volts will possibly be to much.. and you could kill it.. so try and keep it around there 1.475 might be alright thats about what it takes for me to get to 4.ghz stable..
  2. also you might want to check your ram voltage value these are rated for 1.55 but for what ever reason with my mobo it wants to set it at a lower value then what its supposed to run at .. so i always manually change this.. you could get away with 1.60 though
  3. also make sure that cool and quiet and c1e is disabled .. try running your ram at speed ratings .. instead of auto which tends to be very loose timings turn off core turbo boost and virtualization if the mobo supports it
  4. And that is what my concern was, is that it is not the CPU overclock that is giving me problems. It is the RAM. I reverted to default clock now and everything is running smoothly 5+ hours now. Like I said, I have the ability to change any voltage or speed manually as well as via the hardware switch.
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