I have a general question about motherboard and SLI/Crossfire

hey guys,

i dont get something,when i wanna use more than one grfx card on a board , lets say a crossfire of RADEON HD5770

and i wanna have both cards on a PCIe X16 is that possible?

or is it always 2 PCIe that become X8 when i use crossfire/sli?

can somebody explain how it works,to me?? i really dont get it...

can i get a motherboard that can supply 2 grfx cards with a X16 lane??

thanks a lot in advance...
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    1- Not all the mobos are x8 on Crossfire, for exmaple this mobo support Crossfire at x16 mode.
    2- You won't see a big difference between Crossfire at x16 or x8.
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