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looks like a good deal? here is link:

sorry, i didnt see a pre built category
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  1. Still cheaper to build your own, also Their waranty is atrocius. Building your own if something goes bad you just replace that part.
  2. After reading the review, I'd say it does look like an awfully good deal. Yes, you'll miss the fun (and learning) of building it yourself, but whether or not that is of any value is your call. I didn't check their numbers (and would expect fluctuation), but the tiny premium over the Newegg parts cost seems worthwhile too.
    I've seen other past "deals" where the vendor included some obviously inferior parts, but that is not the case here. If CAS9 RAM (vs. 8 or 7) is the worst tradeoff in this system, I'd say it is a very good deal.
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