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So i have windows installed on my ssd and now i want to add my two 320gb had drives and run them in raid. I am using the Gigabyte A75-UD4H motherboard. Which RAID should I use and how do I combine my two 320gb hard drives while still booting from my one SSD. The first time I tried this I went into bios and set OnChip sata type to RAID then I booted and pressed Ctrl+F to set up RAID with my two 320gb hard drives then after i made the raid i restarted my computer and i got a blue screen saying that my hard drives are corrupt.

This is my first experience working with RAID, any help will be appreciated. =D
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  1. When you 1st installed Windows on your SSD were you in AHCI mode?

    If not, that’s probably why you got a blue screen. When you switched to RAID mode your SSD automatically defaults to AHCI mode since it’s not part of the new RAID array you created. Your SSD can’t go from IDE to AHCI after you’ve already installed Windows. You need to perform a Windows Registry fix.

    Try these steps:

    1.) Disconnect your RAID drives, change your SATA mode back to IDE and boot into Windows.
    2.) Read Post #2 of this link to perform the Registry edit:
    3.) After performing the Registry edit reboot into BIOS and change the SATA mode to AHCI. Save your settings and boot into Windows.
    4.) Download the latest RAID drivers for your motherboard:
    5.) Double-click the file to extract the drivers
    6.) Shut down your pc and connect your RAID drives
    7.) Boot into BIOS and change your SATA mode to RAID. Save your settings and boot into Windows
    8.) Windows should install RAID drivers automatically. If it doesn’t and asks for drivers, direct it to the folder where you extracted the drivers in Step 5.
  2. I assume your BIOS setting as AHCI - the best mode for SATAII/SATAIII drive.

    I would not change the BIOS to any other mode including RAID mode.

    Here are TWO options to set the RAID0/1 to the 2x 320GB HDD.

    Software solution
    At Disk Manager - convert these two drives as Dynamic Drive, then create a raid0 or 1 volume
    If you want to have a raid3/5 than HW raid is recommend.

    Hardware raid
    Get a HW raid controllers like iMirror or eSU2-RD.
    Just connect to drives and the existing SATA port of Mobo
    Set to RAID0 or RAID1 as needed
    You will see in Disk Manager a drive
    Format it and use

    That's it
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