Multi-Monitor Setup Without the Bezels?

I just got to thinking...I'm kind of interested in this Eyefinity stuff and might want to give it a go someday soon. My only problem is the monitors having big black lines in between each screen.

So i'm thinking how much of a gap is there underneath the monitor's case? Obviously i'd have to find another way to mount it, but if I don't have black lines...It'd so be worth it.
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  1. good question, i am also wondering the same thing...
  2. Trying to find pictures of monitors without the casing is few, but I did find a couple.

  3. hi volks,
    are they a good quality panel? where do you find it?
    very interesting...would like to try that once i know how/where/how much to get them....put in multiple lcd would be awesome

    anymore info, please continue posting...thanks
  4. Even with the panels removed from the casing you would still have 1 inch of non-screen area where the panels meet. The thing that might be used is some kind of material to join the monitors in a curve and fill the distance between 1 inch inside each panel to the other exact location of the other. Of course there should be something in this space that can join the images from each panel.
    I don't know if I made any sense :D
  5. Well, I decided that i take my ASUS 23.6'' monitor apart for the sake of knowing how much bezel you'll lose if you remove the casing.

    Heres what I found out...

    Monitor before surgery

    The bottom measured if you want to stack monitors... .875'' and a little over 1'' if you count the slope.

    Side measured .7''

    Front panel removed

    Side (all sides are the same) .4375''

    Conclusion: You can lose almost .25'' and more all around with monitor and you can still mount it the same if the case was still on it. I won't take it apart any further considering I did pay $200 and I don't plan on breaking it. Now this is only this monitor, different amounts of bezel loss could be gained from other brands of monitors. If any one feels like pulling the case off theirs and sharing how much bezel you lost!
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