Buyer beware! Bought a GDDR3 card, Diamond sold me DDR2 instead

Watch out! I just ordered a Diamond 4650 AGP video card (w/GDDR3 RAM) from NewEgg and they sent me one with DDR2 instead. This card I ordered (and received!) is model number 4650512A, and the text on the card's box clearly shows that's the exact card I now own, only Diamond put a little "DDR2"sticker over the GDDR3 on the front of the box (it still says GDDR3 on the side of the box).

How can they do this? If it's got different/slower memory, it's not the same card. I've got an aging P4 2.53 2GB HTPC on my family room's LCD screen, and I wanted to do "one last upgrade"... to get that final boost of video performance (for HD), and - of course! - occasional gaming on the couch with my kids. After much research, I purchased this card - in large part because of it's superior memory. As Diamond's Web site and .pdf product literature shows (as does NewEgg's product page, not to mention reviews/comments around the net), this is marketed as a 512MB GDDR3 video card. And for a CPU bottlenecked system like mine, it's the best choice (as opposed to a 1GB DDR2 card). The memory is what matters - GDDR3 has a faster clock speed, lower overall voltage (less power - typically 2v versus 2.5), and generates less heat than DDR2.

But that's not what I received. I contacted Diamond online (via their Web site support form) about the problem, and received no reply. So I phoned them. I spoke with "Jim" yesterday at 12:30p EST. He seemed a little embarrassed when I pointed out the problem, and suggested that perhaps the Web site had a typo. (I said no way - it says GDDR3 on the box!). He told me he had to talk with a "video card specialist" and would call me back in 10 minutes.

He didn't call back.

Not sure what to do next... (I'll call NewEgg, of course, but I'm assuming their only remedy is returning the card to them.) But for anyone considering Diamond... buyer beware! This is a very shifty business practice.

Kilgore (longtime lurker who registered just to post this!)
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  1. Man that sucks dude, definitely don't let them get away with that. Also it infuriates me when companies say they'll call back and then don't, it has become such an accepted practice these days.

    One thing i would mention is that if you bought it directly from NewEgg, then it's probably not Diamond's fault for you getting the wrong product, as they probably just manufacture them. Newegg is the retailer who keeps the stock at a warehouse and then assigns and dispatches them, they would probably be the ones to hold responsible for the mix up.
  2. I never buy from them they are like the banks. Bait and switch.
  3. Well, here's an update...

    I talked with Samantha Shepard (customer service rep at NewEgg). Apparently, NewEgg has no "stock" - all items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. So this is the manufacturer's error (or intentional deceptive practice, depending on how generously one wants to put it).

    Samantha (e.g. NewEgg) offered to arrange a return/refund on the card. I said I didn't want my money returned - I want the correct card I ordered. She looked on the NewEgg product page, confirmed the card is supposed to have GDDR3, and noted there are other users (!) who have complained about getting the slower DDR2 card instead. So, she said she is going to formally contact Diamond to try to resolve the issue. She promised to get back with me once Diamond responds. The whole process could take up to 72 hours, or so she says.

    Still no return calls or replies from my attempts to contact Diamond myself. I wonder if Diamond will be interested in replying promptly to a vendor like NewEgg. Or if NewEgg will honor their promise to get back with me.

    This is turning a bad day into a bad week...

    Kilgore (who is still shocked that Diamond can get away with doing this, multiple times...)
  4. Read the reviews on products before you buy. This is how you tell whether rebates work as well.

    But I'm sorry bro.
  5. Hi Kilgore,

    Newegg is known for having incredible customer service that will do most anything in their power to keep their customers. I'd say your issue would probably be resolved soon. It is definitely not Newegg screwing you over, because it's a great, reputable site. Diamond however, seems a little shady. Best of luck in getting the correct card.
  6. Good idea going to Newegg. I can't believe Diamond did that, and left the evidence so obvious. However, until you have some force behind you (i.e., Newegg) Diamond's plan was probably to blow you off. It still will take a bit of luck, and if Newegg can't do it I doubt anyone can. At least you have Newegg's refund to fall back on if all else fails. Good luck with it!
  7. Newegg customer service is great. But if they don't have the card to replace it, all they can do is give you a full refund. You should make sure they refund shipping cost and send you a return shipping label. I highly doubt Diamond cs is going to be any help. Save yourself the frustration and just take the refund and buy a different card.
  8. Heck, I'd probably return the card and get another brand's, Diamond doesn't deserve any profit from your purchase.
  9. Wow, thats quite disturbing. The positive note is that more than likely you should be able to work everything out with newegg, they're top notch. *Diamond on my blacklist*
  10. I guess the most disturbing part is that Diamond thinks it's ok to do this - just quietly slap a sticker on a product and significantly downgrade the product's performance.

    It's kind of like if you bought a car with an 8 cylinder engine. Then, when you got it home, you noticed the manufacturer had stuck a little "FOUR" tag over the "v8" on the rear bumper. Scary thing is, some people wouldn't even notice - especially when it comes to a video card (you'd have to A/B against the real card to find out what speed you were missing). It makes you wonder - what other critical components are Diamond quietly "swapping" out against the promised specs on their other cards? And are other manufacturers doing this as well?

    The worst part for me is - there isn't another 4650 GDDR3 AGP card made. If I want high performance/low power consumption on my AGP rig, this is the only one. (Or at least it used to be!)
  11. any updates on the matter from Diamond and/or newegg?
  12. No response yet...
  13. I know the feeling kilgore, bought a sapphire "X1650 PRO" from newegg last summer for my old AGP socket A rig.

    What I got instead was a sapphire that was an overclocked and relabeled x1650 with 512 DDR2 (not the pro with the DDR3). Really pi$$ed me off at the time but it was only $55 so I just contacted newegg so they could fix the info on the card. But just kept the card as I didn't feel like waiting on rma and a new card to rebuild my old rig.

    Anyways newegg will definitely help you out, not sure of your PSU situation, but there are better AGP cards which still have decent power consumption. The 4670 shouldn't be much more than the 4650 you bought and I know its DDR3. Theres also the 3870 but it might be more of a power hog. I have an old AIW X800 in another old socket a rig that stomps the newer x1650 and its about 5 years old!

    The x800 even has DDR3 and 256bit interface, shame most of these final generation of AGP cards are so low quality.
  14. As far as agp cards go I had a 9800 pro aiw and a lovely 7800gs. I sold them both and I still miss my 7800gs that was a fun card.
  15. I find diamond video cards are terrible. Bought a Radeon 4850 512mb video card and they put a bloody metal plate on the back.

    Eventually, I was getting temps up to 100C just running a 3d video in a game. So I bought a new video card.
  16. nforce4max said:
    As far as agp cards go I had a 9800 pro aiw and a lovely 7800gs. I sold them both and I still miss my 7800gs that was a fun card.

    Yeah, miss the good old days. My old 9700 Pro was easily the best video card I ever owned. I just bought games, cranked the settings to max, and enjoyed.
  17. This exact same thing has just happened to me. I purchased the 4650512A GDDR3 card, and they sent me the 4650AGP512D DDR2 card in the GDDR3 box. I contacted DIAMOND about the problem and asked them to send me the correct card and said I would send them this one back, but they will not reply to me, they have been ignoring me for two weeks now and no one there will talk to me or reply to my emails.

    BUYER BEWARE - Do not buy a Diamond Multimeda product. I never will again.
  18. you are blaming diamond, but you dont know who's fault it really is. Just chase it up with newegg its their problem and they can deal with the manufacturer if they need to.
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