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Antec 620 or Corsair H60, or do i need to raise my standards with H80?

i have an AMD 955 X4 BE at stock 3.2ghz i want to overclock to 3.8ghz my stock fan cant keep up with the temperature. i want the temp to stay lower then 55C. im in california so during the summer it can get up to 100F in my room.
Now do i get the:

1. Antec 620 or
2. Corsair H60 or
3. Corsair H80 or
4. Antec 920
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  1. If you're going to invest in those, you may want to consider an H100 or real WC.
  2. 55C = if you are wanting you stay within that ~30C range of 100F, you can likely do with about anything, including a good air cooler. However, load temps are dependent upon the voltage it takes to reach your stable overclock goal, so make sure you keep this in mind. Also, you can't cool lower than ambient room temperature with an air cooler or normal watercooling...just FYI.

    I don't want you to have expectations higher than what is realistically possible. I have a full watercooling loop and my room temps are around 23-24C ambient right now...74F or so...maybe a bit cooler. My CPU is OC from 2.4ghz to 3.6ghz and at 100% load on Intel Burn test, it can hit 55C, easily, but my water temps are within 5-8C delta of ambient room temp. You are talking about a summer room temperature ambient that is ~10C+ (or 25F+) greater than my winter ambient and wanting to keep your OC chip as cool, or cooler. (This also depends on AMD architecture and OC ability, which I am not as familiar with). Just trying to give you some realistic expectations.
  3. ok lets say right now i only want the Antec 620 and the Corsair H60, because i dont want a big air cooler. i dont know which one is better in the 620 and H60 cause there so a like. i am going to add a second 120mm fan on which ever model i get. if i feel i need more CFM ill get the Scythe Ultra Kaze.
  4. You realize that by the time you add push/pull fans on one of those radiators, it's going to be bigger in overall size than an air cooler, right? It just will be located elsewhere than right on top of your CPU.
  5. then which air cooler suits my needs my case is Antec Three Hundred (300). my max budget would be $65.
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    If your budget is $65, this basically rules out Corsair or Antec LCS coolers you initially discussed, correct?

    As for 'what is best for you', this is for you to figure out. We don't know- we have an idea of budget and some basic info like case...but it really depends on what you want. What coolers do you like? Have you compared benchmarks? Do you know what fits inside your case- how much clearance- have you researched your case size? What hardware? What are you cooling goals? Are you going to overclock? Do you need to be concerned about RAM DIMM clearance?

    Good place to start:

    I don't recommend taking their word as 100% across the board, but at least a good way to start your research.

    I'm not trying to be rude, but learning what you need for your own build is a much better solution than just asking people to tell you what to spend your own money on. ....What happens if you take the advice of someone that doesn't know any more than you do?
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  8. I stopped using Frostytech since their test bed is the ancient LGA 775 /AMD K8 CPU's. Newer CPU's have an entirely different heat signature and therefore I consider the data irrelevant.

    Frankly, I'm not a fan of the Antec / Corsair branded Asetec coolers.....they simply do not outperform the better air coolers and no one's guaranteeing any damage that might occur if it leaks.

    Here's the best I have seen yet ..... Phanteks PH-TC14,4.html

    Between the Corsair and the Ante 620, the 620 is the easy choice

    If ya wanna stay under $65, the obvious choice is the CM HYper 612 PWM and the Scythe Mugen 3.....Here we see the 612 toasting both the 620 and the H70 ... the mugen does an equivalent job.
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