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Aftermarket Cooler for 5870

I'm looking to replace my 5870's stock cooler (fan's loose and making a lot of noise, not surprised huh)

Which one between these two do you suggest? I may crossfire but not in the near future.

Zalman VF3000A Heatpipe VGA Cooler or Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro VGA Cooler

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Either one will work well although the Zalman will tend to be quieter. It is what they do.
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    I cant speak for the Artic cooler, but the Zalman is pretty good IMO. I have mine on a XFX 5870 running over volted to 2.12vish(if I remember correctly)at 1000mhz. It still keeps the card under 60c will playing BF3 for hours.

    If you Buy the VF3000, I would highly recommend replacing the stock thermal tape on the ram sinks with some 3M thermal tape. It will keep as good or better conductivity, but you will never have to worry about the ram sinks falling off, if installed correctly.
  3. Thanks a lot for the responses. I'll go with the Zalman :)
    The thermal tape doesn't seem to costly so I'll get those too if I can get my hands on.
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