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Watercooling CPU & 2GPU enough?

So I just spent my book money on something that'll definitely help me out this semester...
I just purchased an XSPC Rasa 750 RX240 setup with two Swiftech universal GPU coolers to fit into my rig. I've just gotten tired of the sound my GPU fans make at full speed, they are unbarable, and have to be at 100% to cool effectively so close together on this Sabertooth X58 board. Anyway, wanted some opinions and tips for setup. I've got a cheap ol' H50 cooling my i7 970@3.6 right now. It idles around 36c and loads (playing games, which won't push it 100%) around 65c or so. However, my top GPU is sitting at 55c typing this at about 55% fan speed, and will hit 85c with the fan up to 100% gaming. I've got two ASUS EAH6870 DirectCU cards in the system now. Everything is running in a CM 690 II case. When I get everything, does anyone see any major problems with only the RX240 Rad? I know it's a bit light, but worst case, I could run it cooling just the cards till I can afford another Radiator for the loop.
Initially I was worried about the universal GPU blocks, but after looking at the cards, realised that the aftermarket style cooler on the cards only makes contact with the chip in the way the universal cooler will, and I should be able to leave the only other small heatsink on the cards (pictured here).

Did I bite off more than I could chew with this setup? I know I'll be cutting it close, but I figure It should be good enough, and even better with another small 120 or 240 rad in there later. Also, how should I configure the loop? The CPU seems to stay cool enough on the H50, and I know it's nothing special, so I was thinking top card, then cpu, then bottom card... but I am new to liquid cooling, so would like ideas.

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  1. Can you elaborate if you have the loop running, or is this only a planned install? You will need more radiator for a CPU and these 2 GPUs in a single very least, another RX240 radiator at the very least...even more is better.

    The watercooling sticky has a section that helps you determine how much radiator space you will need for a loop based on heat load.
  2. It's planned (just ordered the kit and blocks, as well as better tubing). I had seen that this is lower than reccomended, but would it be sustainable as it is? If I were to run it like this for a while and add the second radiator later would it be okay? If not, how about leaving my h50 on the cpu and just cooling the 2 GPU's?
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    You should probably just put in an order for either an extra-thick 120mm rad or a proper 240, and then you'll have "just enough" for good temps.

    I mean, it will work with just the 240 rad there, but I can forsee the water temp climbing higher and higher as you game...
  4. Awesome, yea it'll be a few weeks before I get to order a second radiator, but I'd probably toss a normal-size 240 in the top section of my case so I don't have to break out the dremel. And its great to see some quick responses on the water-cooling forums, didn't know how big the crowd would be... but I'm really excited to have a new project soon!
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  6. "36c and loads (playing games, which won't push it 100%) around 65c"

    Wow, if ur not doing 100% and hitting 65 then you should check ur heat compound.
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