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Hello and I'd like to ask you guys for help (if this is in wrong section I'm sorry, I am just not sure where to put it)

Ok right now my network sits as is:

A bell 2Wire 2701 Modem/Router connected directly to my computer via ethernet and wireless (G) to 2 laptops and my PS3.

Now here is my dilemma....

Im doing renovations to my room so I want to wire it up properly, so to speak.

I want to move the modem/router to a more centralized location, in the living room rather than upstairs.
and when I do I want to route a cable upstairs to my room and hook up 3 boxes that are all powered, meaning i could plug in 3 computers in my room in each box and get internet.

What I would like to know would I do this?
I tried searching around and the I've come to atleast knowing I need a switch but...I dunno

Any help is greatly appreciated

ALSO If anyone has anytips on getting the best performance out of my connection I would be very grateful
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    well its pretty easy logically, physically you just need to run the cables.

    1st you need to make sure that wherever you move your modem/router, you can connect to whatever outside connection your ISP makes to it. As long as you can make that connection then you can move it wherever.

    Then, you can physically run 1 normal Ethernet cables (RJ45 cat5e or cat6), from 1 port on your modem/router, into like a 4 port switch that you have in your room. Then you can connect your 3 devices into the switch, and they will have internets.
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