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Alright guys, first off happy holidays...

Anyway, I just got the AMD Phenom X4 965 BE 125 watt processor to upgrade my system for Christmas. I have the Giga-Byte M55SLI-S4 motherboard and 6.5GB of DDR2 800 ram. I've already checked Giga-Byte's website, and it says my board supports teh 125W processor. I am trying to upgrade from a AM2 6000+, and have a 550W PSU.

I have been trying for hours to get the new cpu to work, but have had no luck. Even my A+ certification has not helped my solve this problem. Essentially, I put the 965 BE in the board and it does not work. I have tried using all three of giga-byte's bios updates to try and get this thing to work as well, but nothing. When the 965 is in, nothing happens, but when I put the 6000 back in, everything is fine. None of the pins are broke or bent, and I wore an anti-static strap the entire time during the installation. There is no video on my monitor with the 965 in, so I can't tell what is going on.

I have had no luck on google trying to find solutions to my specific problems with my really old motherboard, so I decided to come back here for some help. Is there any specific or special procedure I have to do to get the processor to recognize that it's in a AM2 board? I would guess that it would do it automatically. If you guys could just help me out here, I would really appreciate it because I've been waiting to get this processor in for months now.
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  1. Your motherboard is socket AM2. The 965 requires a socket AM2+ or AM3.

    Where on their website did you find that it was compatible?

    Looking at their CPU support list for your board they do not yet support your CPU as the bios revision says N/A. Your board actually doesnt support anything above the AM2 processors, it doesnt even support the first gen phenoms which were AM2+
  3. Not meaning to be a smart a** but somebody with the A+ cert should not be making this kind of mistake.
  4. Looking back at the cpu support list, I guess I misread it. My thought was that because the cpu was on the page, it would support it. Looking at the other older boards from gigabyte, I guess it makes sense that they would put a bios version in the far right column. I suppose I will just have to buy a new mobo now as well. And even we make small mistakes sometimes...
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