Cant find my external hard driver

I cant find my external hard drive anymore.
I just build a new computer, i could use my hard drive at first but after updating everything and installing everything, it doesn't work, show up or anything.

I'm running windows 7.

My external hard drive works with another computer that has vista.

It does not show up in device manager and my external does have power. It looks like its working normally.

I have google the *** out of this and i find nothing.
So i don't know what to do
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  1. does nobody know???
  2. Try this. Plug the usb? cord into the computer without the drive attached. Then plug in the hard drive. (this works with my wife's external drive) Another thing would be to try another usb port.

    I am just guessing though.

  3. Does the drive spin up and remain spinning?

    Is the USB enclosure powered from the USB port or from an AC adapter?

    What is the model of your drive?
  4. If the USB drive works on another computer it's almost certainly an issue with your USB slot.

    If this doesn't work I'll try to help further:
    1) Try all USB slots
    2) Try another USB device (like your mouse) with all USB slots

    3.5" USB hard drives all have AC adapters. 2.5" USB drives use USB power.

    If a mouse works on your USB slot, but a 2.5" USB drive does not (and works on another PC) it may be that there is insufficient power on the USB slot. That is pretty rare though.

    *It could also be a problem with drivers not being installed or a software glitch, but start where I mentioned and we'll see what happens.
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