How to access a password protected HDD in a USB caddy?

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  1. Hello. If you have the password, try booting with the drive attached to the system while the power is still off, and see if you get a prompt for the password.

    If you do not have the password, these forums have rules against discussions of defeating password protection.
  2. It may not be possible to do what you want:

    However, if you would like to try, then here is one possibility:

    Victoria for Windows 4.3:

    Victoria For Windows Detailed English Manual:

    That said, be aware that if the drive was originally installed in a laptop, then the password will be encoded as keyboard scan codes rather than the ASCII representation of each character. Therefore, even if you know the password, a password challenge will most probably fail.

    For example, the ASCII codes for "PASSWORD" are 50 41 53 53 57 4F 52 44 (in hexadecimal).

    However the "make" scan codes are 19 1E 1F 1F 11 18 13 20.

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