Need help running my 4GB ThumbDrive as RAM Please,

Please help me peeps on TomsHardware!

My current configuration:

OS: Windows xp sp3

USB ThumbDrive: Bought yesterday, 4GB, Cruizer.


I'm running a custom HP a400y.

2 x 512MB DDR 400Mhz

PCI Slot 9500GT 512MB DDR2

2.6Ghz Celeron LGA775 socket

40GB 7200RPM HDD


Standard Motherboard

Standard PSU


My question is:

I really need help on how to run a USB ThumbDrive as ReadyBoost or as RAM on Windows xp SP3.

I know that Windows Vista and Windows 7 will recognize the ThumbDrive automatically as ReadyBoot or as extra memory.

Please someone post a how to on turning my thumbdrive into ram on xp.

Thanks to everyone on TomsHardware who bring me to a solution!
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    Windows XP SP3 does not properly support readyboost, it's a limitation to coding, second if you are using Win XP SP3 32bit you still have a limit on what is read by windows (3Gb limit for 32bit OS) I would confirm by reading up on readuboost for Win XP and if it does work may be limited to a 2Gb USBthumbdrive.
  2. Thanks man I was thinking of just installing Windows 7 to activate the ready boot off of the thumbdrive.
  3. You may also want to read-up on Sandisk's built-in U3 encryption and how it works with ReadyBoost.
  4. Thanks unclefester and for anyone else who does view this thread I have solved the problem I just installed Windows 7 and activated readyboot in mycomputer just right clicked the thumbdrive and clicked readyboost. Thanks everyone on TomsHardware for your help and advice!
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