Doest a VGA cable support 1080p?

I connected today my 9600gt to my new 42" tv set, it suports 1080p, although i can't get the 1080p setting to work right...the image looks slightly offset to the right, and games will only show a max of 1600x1200. I'm using a vga cable, not a hdmi. Could it be that? Wasn't supose a vga cable to be able to stand 1080p?
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  1. The cable can support the res but the TV has a limitation of 16 x 12 (or lower) on the VGA socket.
  2. ^+1

    A VGA cable can handle 1080P just fine, but your TV may not be allowing it. You should also consider that if you want to output blu ray to that TV you will not be outputting over a secure digital connection as is required for HDCP thus your blu ray movies would be shown in lower quality.
  3. But on the tv specs it really says that it suports 1920x1080 :|
    Would i get that res on games if i use a hdmi cable? (considering the vga tv socket has limitations)
  4. You could buy a DVi to HDMI output but it wont change the resolution, it just makes you connection slightly easier. Sound is not included and will be out through your motherboard. Do not use the VGA cable as it will not be able to give you cleares resolutions as compared to a DVI port. Your card will 100% have that output so you should use it instead or buy an HDMI connector.

    The 9600gt will not really preform well under high settings with a 1920x1080 resolution as it is older and the TV is big. But the question at hand is what kind of LCD tv do you have? Is it 1020p and do you have a blue ray player in your PC? It also depends on the speed of the player and if your TV is at least 100-120 hz then you will be able to watch some bd movies with pretty decent resolutions and at least 30fps for HD video camera playback.

    Most LCDs arent meant to be used for PCs and their GPUs because their resolutions are rarely past 1920x1080 unless they are the latest generation LCD's/LEDs.
  5. rickzor said:
    But on the tv specs it really says that it suports 1920x1080 :|
    Would i get that res on games if i use a hdmi cable? (considering the vga tv socket has limitations)

    Whilst your TV may well be 1080p res it may or may not be capable of that on the PC input so check the manual to see what resolutions it supports on the PC port. Also does your TV have a DVI port for the PC or only a VGA ?
  6. Hi,

    I had last month a bad vga cable that was not letting me choose over 14xx resolution.

    Once I tried another cable, it was all good.

    But read your tv manual too.

  7. Yeah, it could be a number of things. Like Brad said, it is amazing what bad cables can do. Also, it may be a limitation of the port or your graphics card (doesn't like the TV). I'd say your best bet is to try a digital cable (like DVI or HDMI) and see what happens, as that is a relatively inexpensive test. You could also browse audio/video forums to see if anything is said about your GPU/TV.
  8. Thank you all for all the input, ill try a bit of everything you recomended. My card doesn't have a hdmi connector but i have a dvi\hdmi adaptor, i guess ill try that, since the tv doesn't have a dvi input. Oh the tv also supports 200hz.
    I'll need to by a hdmi cable since i dont have any, should a dvi\hdmi adaptor work correctly when it comes to hdmi quality?
  9. HDMI and DVI are one and the same video wise HDMI has added audio that's all.
  10. Well that sounds like great news. I think i'll buy a hdmi cable and try it out.
  11. I haven't bought the cable yet since this seems to me a waste of money because i was able to set the desktop up to 1920x1080 with no problem now, but games wont show resolutions above 1600x1200...WHY ;0
  12. Please help! I was able to play crysis at 1920x1080, but ALL other games including 3dmarks (all of them) only show a maximum of 1600x1200, what could be causing that? o_O
  13. Possibly ba]because by default they do not support 19 x 10 but 19 x12.
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