Best small cpu cooler ?

like that

what are some good small cpu cooler
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  1. What's your budget? You could always go for a water cooling solution like this: (if you have the money)
  2. average budget for a cpu cooler

    20 pounds ish
  3. I wouldn't spend money on that cooler. I really doubt it would perform better then stock. If you want/need a small cooler, just stay with the stock one.
  4. that fan actually might be worse than your stock fan. with your budget and requirement, kinda hard to do anything.

    ever consider the CM 212 plus or evo? best bang for your buck, but it's bigger than your requirement.
  5. fuggles said:

    like that

    what are some good small cpu cooler

    1) What cpu does it need to cool? What motherboard?

    2) How small is small? Do you have a restricted sized case? Which one? What height is possible?

    3) Do you have a budget?

    4) How good do you need to be? Is this just for normal operations, or are you looking for maximum overclocking?

    5) Is quiet ooperation important to you?
  6. I recommend this cheap, silent and it is relatively small 109(L) x 107(W) x 63(H) mm(zalman) vs 115 L x 98 W x 70 H mm(arctic)
  7. Ok I've picked a few out for you:

    1) Cooler Master GeminII S524 ($39.99 or about 25 pounds):
    - What cpu socket do you have? this one works with basically all modern sockets

    2) ZALMAN CNPS7000B-Cu ($29.99 or about 19 pounds):
    - This is a good little cooler, but you might have some compatibility issues. If you have an older socket, then this might be for you.

    3) If you need something cheaper, you could either get something like these:
    - Thermaltake TR2TT-
    - Rosewill RCX-Z1 -

    Although I probably wouldn't advise going for the last two; you'd be better off just using the stock cooler.
  8. to cool an amd 640

    budget is about 25 pounds
  9. I fail to see why ANYONE would recommend the 212 when a users asks about a low profile heatsink.

    The CNPS 7000(CU or even the ALCU) cooler is nice and small and will cool your cpu of choice(i did not find it that quiet, but with the boards fan control it is fine).

    The Geminii S works as well but is taller. I have that one in my media center.

    Geminii S with slim fan(SG05 Case) to allow for an extra hard drive. With its stock fan it should not pass ~85mm in height.

    fuggles, are you swapping because you need something better or quieter?

    Another option may be

    Scythe Shuriken.

    What store do you want to shop at, link us up so we can get an idea of what you can get in your area.
  10. fuggles said:
    to cool an amd 640

    budget is about 25 pounds

    If you don't get what you need, then you will have paid too much. A budget is only a start.

    Most coolers will fit a variety of sockets.

    But, coolers come in various heights and widths. The more effective coolers are bigger, and quieter.
    Without knowing what case it is going into, a rational suggestion can not be made.

    Can you articulate your situations and needs a bit more?
  11. something quieter

    and simply better than stock
  12. Do you have a height limit?(if you do not, the 212 would be great) what tower are you in?

    The cooler you linked should be quieter, but will most likely not perform much better.

    Do you have the AMD cooler with the 2 heatpipes on it? Those are loud, but can dissipate lots of heat.

    Or do you have the 4 way cooler with air flow on all 4 sides?
  13. no overcloking
  14. What case do you have? Can you tell us what your stock temperature is?
  16. the case is an old one from 2003
  17. Can you list the case model(or post a pic), it will determine what heatsink you can fit. Bigger heatsinks are quieter/cooler.
  18. Can you tell us what case you have? or if you bought one from Hp or dell, please tell us the model number. The model number of your computer is usually located on the back side or the bottom of the computer. We would appreciate pictures like this====> so the exhaust and the guts are shown.
  19. The best small cooler is one that does the job, fits in your case and meets your budget.

    I'm sorry, that is not very specific, the best I can do with no specific info.

    Measure with a ruler the height between the motherboard and the top of where the cooler will go at least.

    Take a photo of where it needs to go.
  20. Check frostytech for low profile coolers
  21. okey dokey
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