Windows XP (SP3) cannot install ANY drivers

I was trying to update my network device in device manager it found a new driver, downloaded, but failed to install it, giving the message 'cannot find the specified file'.
I've spent a few days trying to find a solution to this, but I only found ALOT of people who had the same problem (either after SP2 or SP3). And believe me, I scoured Microsoft solution and found nothing.
I have a Toshiba A65 laptop, Intel Celeron 2.6G, 704MG RAM, BIOS version 4.20.01, XP Home Edition (SP3), fully updated.
I could really use some help with this.
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  1. Go directly to the website and fetch the file yourself, instead of the autoupdate feature.
    You either have a security rights problem not allowing autoupdate to save the files or access to the temporary folders or the entire HDD is locked from system using it. Do you have a problem saving files yourself ? Does the system save downloads ?
  2. Yes, I can save files and the system saves and downloads files without a problem. I'm trying to improve the performance of my laptop. But, I also discovered I could not install a wireless card. Even though I was using the cd, I still received the same message "cannot find the specified file",even though windows pulled it off the cd. I'm not looking for work-around, but to actually fix it. Your reply was really appreciated!

  3. Your problem is not all that common, unless you are installing drivers for a different OS, but even then the message would be different. Is the card supporting XP ? Some newer hardware may not be backwards OS compatible. You can try the USB wireless NICs, maybe more compatible. Stay away from TP-Link, burns out in 3mon. if lucky, no RMA office to talk to.
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