USB Device over current

Does anyone know how to fix the problem:
"USB Device Driver over current detected"
When I turn the computer on. I can get in to setup menu but I don't know what to do from there!

Please email any help you could possibly give to:

I can't afford to just junk this computer & buy a new one if you understand what i'm saying!!!

thanks so much!
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  1. Google is your friend.

    Google "USB Device Driver over current detected".
  2. sounds like a damaged usb socket to me.

    turn off the pc and unplug it from the mains

    make sure none of the metal connectors inside a usb socket is damaged. If it is then make sure no metal pins are touching, and make sure none of them connect to the metal shield - break them off with longnose pliers.

    if none are damaged removal all usb devices except keyboard and mouse and try again, then plug each cable in one by one untill issue arrives.

    get a powered hub this will help.
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