Question on PSU required for GIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896I GeForce GTX 275

I was wonder if using the minimum PSU watt that this video card GIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896I GeForce GTX 275 requires, which is 550wat, would be a bad idea on my system bc its barly the mimimum requirement? This is my PSU
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  1. The Corsair VX550 is a high quality power supply with a single large +12 volt rail rated at 41 amps that can easily power a system with any single video card made. You should not have any problems.
  2. That PSU can easily power a GTX 275.
    Its very good quality product.

    Go for it with your eyes closed :)
  3. Thank you for your imput, I am glad I dont need another psu so soon to get a new card!
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