Windows shuts down while installing xp

I get to about 37 minutes remaining and my HP dv6000 shuts down. I have a cooling fan under it and I have tried installing without the battery. Please help
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  1. HP might be particular about having the battery, even more so on installations, as it will setup the power control scheme for your system. Leave battery on during install, see what happens.
  2. Yea i tried it with the battery in first and tried it without after seeing some posts about trying it without it:shrug:

    I tried some searching and the most common reasons were over heating and trying it without the battery
  3. But you're saying removing the battery did not work either. Reboot and get into bios when it freezes, check cpu temperatures in bios if you have it. HP SATA drivers may need to be preloaded during booting XP installation by pressing F6, extract HP drivers to a CD and have it handy, do not burn the .exe/.zip/.rar file, extract to a folder and burn that. Tell me how that went.
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