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Did a APC 650 (Back UPS ES 650 INDIA) requires more input power than a APC 500 INDIA?
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    I don't think so, I think the biggest difference is the amount of amperage supplied by the backup battery, for example the 650 will provide a slightly longer run time than the 500 given the exact same stuff plugged into it.

    I do think that the power requirement will be the same.
  2. One of my friend said that as it is a 650watt ups,It requires more input power than a 500watt ups ,otherwise it will run in battery mode due to lack of input power

    Thanks for ur reply!
  4. I did reply, the power consumtion is the same.
  5. To clarify, if the stuff you plug into the UPS uses too much power then the 500 will be too small and it will beep at you because the battery can't handle the load.
  6. OK,THANK U All for ur replies!
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