Glycol and destilled water?

I went to a car store and got destilled water, or rather water that has been destilled but only calcium taken away and replaced with natrium.

I also got Glycol which according the bottle is anti corrosive and has inhibitors in it:

Name: Red Longlife

Ingredients: 1, 2-etandiol, inhibitors.
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  1. What is your question?
  2. My question is if this is dangerous/bad?

    I know there are som additives to buy in watercooling shops instead of pure glycol
  3. Why do you need glycol in your loop?
  4. My understanding is it kills algea, maybe it also is anti corrosive?

    According bottle it says stops corrosion, also says it had inhibitors(algea killer?)
  5. It has but its not going to be healthy for your loop longterm, stick to plain distilled and buy a killcoil,
  6. distilled water from your local grocery store is all you need, plus a killcoil or anti bacterial additive.

    Car inhibitors are atoms of metals that act as a sacrificial agent to prevent corrosion. If you purchased loop components properly, it should all be copper or maybe nickel plated, which generally work fine together. Just don't mix up with aluminum.
  7. Is there any proof of longterm problems?

    I was under impression no algea will grow wilt Glycol
  8. Well that's probably true, but it doesn't make it a good additive to a CPU water cooling loop. You want high thermal conductivity, and it doesn't get much higher than pure water.
  9. This topic is covered in detail in the WC sticky with text I've added as well as several links with testing to help discuss this.

    Please read the WC sticky before posting in the forum; it is linked in my signature below.
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