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Everytime i try to download anything big, like a patch for my Call of Duty game, The signal just drops and the patch quits and i can never get the whole file. The internet still works fine, everything loads but the downloads just do not want to finish. We currently live in an apartment and we only have one cable outlet to connect to, with the cable modem and two tvs connect to a splitter to the cable signal ine. Could that be the problem?
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  1. I would have your cable company check the signal level on your line.
    If that pans out ok then try a different router. I had the same problem and a new router fixed it. If that doesn't work you can return the new router.
    You could also look for a firmware update for the router.
  2. If updating to the latest firmware does not work then try downgrading the firmware to an older version and see if an older version does not work. I know that sounds a$$ backwards but I had to do that with my D-Link DGL-4300 router. I had MAJOR problems for several months and someone suggested downgrading the firmware and it has worked like a charm for 2+ years now.
  3. Well, It's up to date with the latest firmware and apparently it won't let me downgrade it.
    I messed with some settings and cchanging the the connection type from Dynamic to Static works for a little bit but instead the whole connection drops after it's been set to Static for awhile ranging from an hour or two to a day.
    All computers and systems are wired to the router, with the exception of my roommates laptop, she connects wirelessly.
    The Router is a Belkin G MIMO F5D9230-4 v5000, the modem a Arris Touchstone CM550A.
    It got so bad, to the point where the last night, i couldn't even get halfway through a single small 37MB file on the PS3.
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