Asus p6t deluxe v2, 920 and 1.8V Ram

Hey Guys!

Been doing a ton of reading and was wondering if someone could help me with this little issue. Just built a p6t deluxe v2 with i7 920, and 4 gigs of Corsair xms3 DHX 1600 ram (model: tw3x4g1600c9dhx). I can't find the ram on corsair's website, but found info about the RAM on other websites and it calls for 1.8 volts! I had to change the jumpers on the MB to allow such high voltages and the BIOS (which I just updated) is telling me anything above 1.65V can damage my CPU. Is that true? Also, what do I set the QPI/RAM voltage to? I have it at 1.4 now because I have read that it needs to be no more than .5V +- the DRAM Voltage. What do you guys recommend?
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  1. What jumpers did you change you shouldnt have had to change any jumpers for this your board supports 1.8 volts so you shouldnt have to change anything just set the DRAM voltage in bios at 1.8 and leave the other voltages on auto.
  2. Page 2-25 of manual (ya I RTFM :kaola: ). In order to achieve voltages above 1.6, you must switch the jumpers to enable OV (over voltage). I just ran OCCT for the RAM and everything is OK, but I would really like to lower to QPI/RAM voltage in order to decrease my CPU temps. Is it safe to drop the QPI/DRAM voltage lower than 1.3 if my DRAM voltage is 1.8V?

    20x200 (4Ghz) running at 1.3 Volts is stable for an hour, but running at around 72 degrees on all cores. I would really like to get it lower than that.

    PS: If you're curious, I am running a COGAGE True SPIRIT with 2 NB XPL push pull. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :bounce:
  3. 72 degrees is average temps for a 920 you will not get any lower then that with stock cooling you can lower voltages but you will most likely become very unstable. Leave the QPI/RAM voltages on AUTO it will not change your temps messing with that. Good Luck
  4. I am not running stock cooler, I'm running a huge Heat sink with 2 1800RPM fans.
  5. Even with the best air you wont see much under 70C full load. The I7 runs alot hotter then the older core 2 predecessors most people struggle keeping there I7 under 80C so I would consider that good temps what you have.
  6. I highly HIGHLY recommend the Cogage True Spirit and NoiseBuster Fans. For 70 bucks shipped, this is a ridiculously good setup.
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