What graphics cart for two monitors and tv tuner

I am looking to get a gigabyte ga-ep43-ud3l MB and am wondering which graphics card to get that will support two monitors (crts) with a tv tuner built in. I have a Radeon now that has that with one monitor and another pci card for my second monitor. This would be for a new system.
I do not play games and use the system for web design and dev so most of the horsepower will be used to just make things run faster and better...graphics do not need to be HD or anything fast.

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  1. Is there a particular reason the TV Tuner capability has to be built in? If not, I'd recommend going with a low-end card with dual DVI-Out (like an 8400GS), a couple of DVI-->VGA adapters and a separate TV Tuner card.

    It the TV Tuner capability must be built in, I don't know. My old ATI X1800XL All-In-Wonder could do it (VGA/S-Video dongle went bad on it though). The newer HD All-In-Wonder's have 1 DVI and one HDMI. You'd need converters for both to VGA

    -Wolf sends
  2. I just meant like the all in wonder card...that is what I have now with a second pci card for the other monitor. I found a new all in wonder that has 512 meg of memory and two dvi connectors plus the tv tuner...all for $99 Sounds like it should be just fine for working with graphic programs and doing web work. I know gamers need some high powered graphics.

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