SATA III cant get second drive to work

I just recently installed a New 64 GB SSD as my boot drive. My old SATA III 1TB Western Digital Drive will not work in the seconds sata III slot though... I can get my other drive to work in it, but its only a SATA II drive... So basically I can only use one SATA III drive,. This is disappointing. I have tried everything aside from reinstalling with all drive where I would like them and that is not an option. I switched back to IDE mode, tried it that way, tried it with just the 2 drives, everything. Anyone had this problem ans solved it?

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  1. Does your SATA III 1TB Western Digital Drive not have links on the back of it to reduce the speed to SATA II speeds? I don’t think that you would notice the interface speed reduction on a hard drive
  2. It does, But I do not want it reduced. I want it working as advertised. I started getting BSOD's relating to the drive shortly after this post. The drive is bad. Thankfully it is still under warranty. A few months after I bought it, it made some noises that made me almost return it then, but then they stopped and I let the issue alone. I guess I knew this drive was going to fail sooner than later...
  3. got a new ozc vertex today and a RMA WD drive and it still will not work with both drives in Sata III. I have to put the WD drive in sata 2 just to get the system to boot. look s like its time for a new motherboard.
  4. RMA'd the motherboard and first time with my OCZ 6gb in one slot and the WD caviar Black in the other 6gb it fired right up.

    It was the motherboard.
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