[New System Build] Build/Parts Check $1500

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This month (Early Next Month)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (General Games - Some Competitive Shooters)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, Optical Drive.



OVERCLOCKING: Maybe? I will decide after build but most likely when my knowledge isn't nothing on it.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Alright I am spending roughly 1500 $ on this computer I have picked out my parts after researching and reading the forums. Plain and simple I am a newbie to building computers (1st time, eh.) so I just wanted to list down my parts and see if anyone catches any snags here and see's if I have an incompatible part.

Judging off of prices of the items on the link you can assume the budget for each part with my total ceiling being 1500. Also don't suggest new cases please I found one I want after a long time looking over several.

OS will just be Windows XP since I dislike Vista, possibly 7 at a later date. But im the kinda guy who used Windows 98 over XP for a long time.

My preferred site to buy from isNewegg since most all the things I wanted were there.

Unless I list x2 or whatnot will not be using over 1 item.


Armor Suit Case

Mother Board:

Biostar Tpower i55

Power Supply:

Corsair CMPSU-750TX

Graphics Card:

EVGA - GeForce GTX 275


G Skill - Ripjaw Series - 4GB - DDR3 1600 x2 (4 total)


Intel Quad Core i7-860 Lynnfield 2.8GHz LGA 1156


Noctua NH-U12P


Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 RPM 3.5"
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  1. I agree about the graphics card. I wouldnt buy an expensive DX10 card that in 3 months wont let me play the newest games at the best resolutions.

    Its my impression Biostar is not the most reliable motherboard manufacturer. That motherboard was unable to overclock an i5 past 3.5GHz in a review where most others will OC an i5 to 4GHz.

    or ASUS
    should be more reliable.
  2. *Forget about 8 GB of ram and stick with 4GB.
    *Get this PSU instead. Its cheaper and better quality.
    *Definitely get the ATI 5850 over the GTX 275
  3. Oh yeah and +1 for ASUS or Gigabyte instead of Biostar.
  4. I read up on the Biostar i55 and heard good deals with overclocking over the older motherboard. Are we talking the i55 or just the Biostar product in general? I have a few friends who like using them and have had no issues. I will take everyone's word for it just would like to hear if this was directed generally or with specific knowledge.
  5. Elitebastards could not get an i5 overclocked past 3.5 on (I think) that exact motherboard. I did see windwithme got 4.2 so maybe they got an anomalous board.

    I know biostar has a reputation for inconsistent quality.
  6. yes i know biostar has been cruddy in the past for overclocking and in general but from everyone ive been hearing from lately ive been getting good news and feedback. Honestly I don't plan on pushing it very hard for my needs.

    I really don't like gigabyte with what i have heard from people and asus is decent but honestly I think I want to give this biostar tpower i55 a shot and see how she works out. I am more looking for a stable run.

    Plus the big factor here is my friend can get it for me from his computer shop for cost and will sell it to me without mark up so i save quite a bit of money.

    I didn't mention that fact.

    It seems that the i55 is pretty stable overall so I dunno. I will continue to read and research more on all of these and I appreciate the info and input and I won't snub anyone's advice or opinions. I just prefer to see posted info and test such as dndhatcher posted.
  7. That board has gotten a few good reviews. If you can get it for a bargain and can RMA it if its bad then it might be a good choice.
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