2 cores, different temperatures

My current rig (as of this morning)
E8400 3.0ghz
Akasa AK-965 HS/F
2x 1GB OCZ Platinum RAM
EN7300GS (to be replaced soon with HD4870 1GB)
550W PSU

Idle temperature of cores:
core#0 = 41c
core#1 = 31c

When cpu usage increases enough, core#1 rises to 41c, then both cores rise in temperature in sync.

Temperature after 20mins of Prime95:
core#0 = 49c
core#1 = 49c

Are the temps at idle normal for core2duo's? Should I check over my HS/F?
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  1. Sounds about right. But they are notorious for sticking DTS,s
  2. DTS digital thermal sensor, i just looked it up. So does that mean the readings are wrong? If so, the temperature reading for my core#0 "unsticks" itself at 41c and above I guess. Would a true reading be whatever my core#1 is saying? Right now core#1 is jumping around 36-38c
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