I have a 1.x only motherboard and am looking at buying one of the new gtx models, probably the 275 and I was wondering how much of a diminshment in performance one could expect or how the actual performance specs would be affected. I don't want to spend money if my computer is going to end up limiting what the card can do.

I saw in some forum that somebody said their new gtx card ran the same as an 8600 gt because this issue. Is this true? You'll have to forgive me I'm not smart enough w/ computers to figure out bandwidth and busspeed and what it all actually means.
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  1. The performance loss is very minimal. To put it simply... Any loss in performance you have will be negligible and the card will still be worthwhile. ^^
  2. First of all, for around the same price of a GTX275, you can grab an HD5850. This card is much faster, boasts DX11, and uses a low amount of power.

    Second, IIRC, a 5870 saw a loss of 1% performance when switched to a PCI-E2.0 8x slot (the equivalent of a PCI-E1.0 16x). So no, you should be just fine.
  3. The loss is minimal, if any. Back in the day they posted a example for an older card all the way down to 4x and 1x and it ran surprisingly well. The only cards really pushing the limit are the dual and perhaps the 5870. I'll go try to find the article.
  4. GTX275s costs around $200, 5850s cost around $260
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