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Ok cant really find anything on this, but Im asking for suggestions as to what intel MB should i get if i plan on doing a crossfire setup? If im Correct X48 is 16x/16x but everything else thats non 1366 is 8x/8x is this correct? I currently have a 750i mb with an E8400 in it I was thinking about getting a P55 mb with a Core i3 540 but im seeing that even they have 8x/8x. So would i be better off getting or finding a X48 mb to put my E8400 in? I plan on crossfireing 2 5770s and i have a 650w psu.

Or would I be better off getting an AMD MB and going back to AMD cpus?
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  1. x8-x8 is fine for your video cards. An Asus P5Q Deluxe or a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P meets your requirements.
  2. ^+1, you won't see a big difference between x16 or x8.
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