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I have an HP dv9500t which is a few years old (late 2007) but in otherwise great conidtion. About a year and half ago, I tried booting up my PC only to see the following screen:


S.M.A.R.T failure predicted on Hard Disk 4: ST9120822AS - (S3)

WARNING: Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may by immeninet.


Pressing F1 did and does nothing, and since I had no money to fix it at the time, I eventually gave up on it and left it alone for over a year. I am now in college and would really benefit from a laptop at the moment, so here I am trying to get this thing in working order.

As stated before, pressing F1 does NOTHING. I cannot even get to my splash screen. I have no booting CD's and this particular model comes with TWO HDD's, one for storage and the other for backup/OS. When I start up my laptop, I cannot activate system recovery, ect; the only function I can activate is F10 to get to the bios. I have ran a diagnostics tests on the Primary and Secondary drives, and the test status reads as "#1009 - Replace HD"

Excuse my ignorance but does this mean that I have to replace both drives? And if so, I would now find myself in a new dilema because this computer came with no recovery cd (s) and I do not have a copy of the OS (Vista). What should I do? I can manage replacing two HDD's but I cannot purchase a new OS copy. Please help, any suggestions welcomed.
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  1. I'd go get a USB to SATA adapter (such as ) and try connecting the drive to another working computer. Just because the drive won't boot, doesnt mean you can't connect it to another computer that does, and inside the OS, copy the files off the bad drive that you need.

    And no, you just replace the failed drive.

    And if you don't have the OS disks, you can try contacting HP and see how much a recovery disk set will run. They're usually around $20 or so. If you can't get one there, you'll need to find an OEM install disk for whatever version of Vista came with the system, and reinstall using the COA on the system.
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