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Hi Guys,

I currently own a dell dimension 5150 mini tower (crap, i know :pfff: , but its all i have until i rummage together enough money for my home-build.) It has a ATI/Radeon x600 SE Hyper Memory.
I have a gig of ram too. I want to play the game coming out soon called Borderlands. The requirements i have found say it requires a 256mb video card, which i have but it must be x850 (other sources also say x8xx so any x800 series). I have the ram and everything, all i need is a new card. Whats my cheapest working option to be able to play it? I dont want to buy used, hopefully brand spankin new.

Please help :na:
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  1. After a very basic Google search, this unknown game uses the Unreal 3 game engine from 2007. It probably has some tweaks to improve graphics quality somewhat.

    Bioshock is a game that uses the U3 game engine, most likely tweaked to amp up graphics. Below is a benchmark chart you can use to determine which card suits you best.


    It is somewhat old so the 9800GT and the HD 4830 (roughly $100 now) are not represented. Assuming 1920 x 1200 resolution, the best card is the HD 4850 ($100), the cheapest is the HD 4670 ($85). My recommendation is the HD 4850, by spending almost 18% more money, you get almost a 58% boost in performance.
  2. do you know if you have an AGP or PCI-E Slot???
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