GA-X58A-UD3R-Windows 7 not seeing my SATA3 RAID 0 Drives


I have GA-X58A-UD3R mobo 2 WD 1tb 6gbs drives in Raid 0. Clean install of WIndows 7 64. The Installer will not see my drives. Bios sees them, but Windows does not. I've made a RAID Driver disk using the drivers on the disk the mobo came with, but when i select the driver it still does not recognize the drive. I'm using the Marvell 9128 Driver.

Thoughts? Thanks! :)
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  1. Looked at some purchaser reviews - several people have complained of this... Can't figure a few things: first, usually, there is a problem with RAID arrays over 2TB - they need to go to the LBA/GPT route; and second, why are you doing this? The ICH is faster, and more robustly supported; that's an awfully large array to be held 'at risk' by RAID0, where any minor failure can 'dump' your whole array, and awfully big to be backing up to prevent the ensuing data loss; and, those drives are not really RAIDable, as they do 'deep recovery cycling', which can make them 'fall out of' RAIDs - to RAID large WDs, you the 'RE' series drives - RE3 1TB, RE4 1.5 or 2TB...

    That said, try the latest drivers from here:

    And, you don't mention - I assume you've 'created' the RAID volume from inside the RAID BIOS? Procedure on PP100-103 of your manual...
  2. Thanks!

    My goal was to increase load times (trying to tweak a gaming rig) but that said 6gbs drives are pretty darn fast as they are...what driver should I use for sata3? The two for Marvell look like consul driver and raid utility?

    Going to look around more today, if I can't figure it out I'll just bust it out of RAID0 and use them as 2 6gbs drives...

    Thanks again!

  3. Err-Meant to say..Decease load times. :)
  4. Buy a couple of the smaller (150) WD VR's and put them in RAID0; put the 1TB's in RAID1, and back up often for a while, while you see if they will stay in RAID... I use four (two RAID0 pairs) for system/program and swap partions, on 'alternating' volumes, and they fly! Then, I have a pair of RE3's in RAID1 to protect data... When I'm 'happy' with a boot/program partition, I 'image back' it to an SG 1.5, as any little thing (like a clumsy linux install) can make RAID0's go 'poof'!

    The whole Marvell thing looks very suspicious to me - I'll try to find a previous post about it - their support seems to be pretty much nonexistent [:bilbat:3] !

    Even 'split' (nonRAID), get 'em on the ICH - you'll be much happier in the long run ;)
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