ASUS Cooler Socket Issue

Can anybody help me with this question?

I have bought a ASUS Lion Square CPU cooler for my AM+2 socket motherboard.

But since this product is 1.8 years old, could it be that by any chance it would be also compatible to an AM3 socket motherboard too???

Then I would use it on a new computer with that socket, but I don't know if the Lion Square is or not compatible to the AM3 socket ...
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  1. Yeah it should work just fine, though i have never herd of it, LOL.

    The sockets are basically the same. 2 hole vs 4 hole but with
    the factory retention bracket it wont matter.
  2. am2 am2+ and am3 use the same mounting brackets
  3. Oh, cool! Very good to know it!

    Thank you all for the feedback!!!
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