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from my understanding intel is the way to go, but from what ive been reading online there seems that alot of people are having issues with SSD Sata III drives with windows based OS is this correct ?? another question was i seen some SSD Sata III have a write max of 500mb/s+ were others have the read of 500+ but write of 250mb/s like intels 510, is the faster the way to go ?? my second rig has a sata II kingston v100now but ive had to return it from it failing 3 times in 8 months so definitely want something more reliable lol! im also wanting to use this for maybe 1 or 2 games and OS then all other games will be on sata III WD Caviar Black 1tb drive.
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  1. so then would u recommend a intel based ssd for Sata 3 even though the write speeds are lower or is OSZ or any other company good to go with in regards to Sata 3 SSD
  2. (1) The "500" speed is for Seqencial read/writes - Most quoted, least important for a Boot /rogram drive. Sequencial's become important when the drive is used as a data drive to work wilth LARGE file. Small file random performance is more important for a boot /program drive.

    (2) The Intel 510 also uses the marvel controller, a first for intel (Using a 3rd party controller), Difference between it an other marvel based SSDs is the Firmware.

    (3) As to the REAL day-to-day performance: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4421/the-2011-midrange-ssd-roundup/6
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