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I've read many articles and websites where they teach you how to UnderClock but I can't still get it.
I technically know how to underclock but the problem is I don't know how much I should reduce vCore, FSB, Clock speed etc,
I'm afraid I lower it too much and something bad happens to my PC, I'm completely new to everything in BioS, and sort of scared changing anything on it.

I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, if not I'm sorry.
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  1. Worst case scenario is you decrease voltage below a usable level and the system wont post. Familiarize yourself with your BIOS reset jumper, if the system fails to post, simply reset and try again.
  2. Problem is, I'm not quite sure which one I should decrease, and how much I should decrease them.
    There is so many options and I'm not sure which one I should start off and stuff,
    Could anyone give a hand please?
  3. Go only 3-5 Mhz at a time on your FSB/HT Ref Clock/BCLk and down one setting for voltage until you cant go any further. I would say only take voltage down after 2-3 successful drops in frequency. If you can decrease CPU Multi, thats a faster/easier way, but you wont get a maximum underclock that way.
  4. Errm, you got me lost, I'm not really good at the techie stuff, so I'm not sure which one is FSB/HT or Ref Clock/BCLK and there is like 3 options with the Voltage thing on it so I'm not sure which one your talking about.
    Sorry hope I don't get flamed, I'm just not good at this stuff.
  5. Im giving very generic, unspecific advice as you have not yet told us what it is you are trying to underclock.
  6. I'm trying to underclock my CPU multiplier and FSB

    I'm pretty much trying to underclock everything in my PC except for the GPU
  7. I meant what CPU/Motherboard etc do you have?
  8. Its on the pictures
    Q6600 CPU
    Motherboard ASUSTek Pe5Q Se2
  9. Set the AI overclock tuner to manual and lower either your multiplier or FSB.

    Can I just ask why you're underclocking? Heat? Power? Noise?
  10. Because it gives me some sort of advantage in a game called Gunz.
  11. Hmm, can't find the multiplier, or FSB =/ and how much should I lower them?
  12. 1. Set the AI Overclock Tuner to manual

    2. FSB strap to 800 (or 200 quad pumped)

    There should be a BIOS setting for the CPU multiplier. Set that to 6.

    You're done!
  13. FSB Strab to North Bridge?

    So I don't have to mess around anything with the voltage?
  14. it didn't work,
    1: I looked all over the BioS, every single option and I couldn't find the Multiplier.
    2: I changed the FSB Strab to 200, since there wasn't " 800 " Maximum was 600.
    3: After saving changes and my computer restarted it gave me an " OverClocking Error " so I had to put everything back to normal.

    Any suggestions?
  15. *Scratches head*

    Did this motherboard come in a pre-built (HP, Dell, etc) PC? Googling the name you provided gives this thread as the top result, and nothing following of use. If its an OEM board, then its very likely that you will not be able to adjust these settings.
  16. No it did not come in a pre-build, also its not an OEM board.
  17. When I get a few minutes later, I'll go on Asus website and look at your motherboard manual to help you find the CPU multiplier (if there is a setting).

    Not sure why you are underclocking. When I buy a pair of tennis shoes, it's cause I play tennis and in 6 months I know I'll need a new pair. Same with CPUs, in 2 years I know I'll sell or give away the old one and get a new one.
  18. Quote:
    Hey, everyone needs to experience the thrill of altering clock speeds. Under clocking is Overclocking-in reverse.

    Yeah, I get so thrilled to overclock my CPU and GPU and get an 18K plus score on 3DMark06. Afterwards, I underclock to see my scores dip below 10K! Nothing like a rollercoaster ride, whoo hoo!
  19. Look up CPU configuration in the advanced menu. You'll see CPU ratio setting. The default is Auto but you can changed it to 6 to underclock.
  20. Will overclocking make the heat increase?
  21. Generally speaking, yes overclocking will increase the heat as compared to the normal idle temps of a stock CPU. But that is why full-time overclockers use aftermarket CPU coolers. BTW, your last question is bordering on being a new topic. Hope you don't get a courtesy advisory from the moderator!, LOL...
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