Broken Motherboard

My pc has been freezing under load recently when either gaming or prime95 small fft testing. When it posts i get a 2 short beeps then a lower pitched 1 straight after.

According to the beep code list on this site,

the motherboard has an undetermined fault and should be replaced. I had my CPU overclocked to 3ghz when it did this but have set it back to stock since but still get the freezes. Never had anything else overclocked. Have tested if it was the psu but concluded it isnt because i used my friends brand new hx650w corsair and had the same problems except this time it didn't freeze until the second i stopped the prime95 test. Could it be the CPU? i wouldn't have thought it would work at all if it was. My pc works fine for normal internet and music but thats it. Any suggestions?


E4500 @ stock (was at 3ghz)
2x1gb kingston 667mhz ram
MSI P31 Neo V2
8800GTS 640mb
2x HDD and 1x ODD
500watt generic psu
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    Are you positive its two short, one long? What needs t be done is having another motherboard right in front of you and testing each part one at a time.

    As in:

    Have your system and your friends right next to each other and just keep swapping parts.

    First do RAM cause I think that might be the problem.

    Then do the CPU and if you guys don't have the same socket then just pass that and keep trying everything else.

    Then Graphics Card and so on and so fourth until you narrow down the problem.

    I think it most likley is your:


    I mean I know what is happening is your computer is doing a type of BSODing, but I can't find any results on that beep code so please check that.

    -Thanks and post the results if you can find the exact problem.
  2. *UPDATE*

    2short-1long beep code means: Bit 0; This data bit on the first RAM IC has failed. Replace the IC if possible.

    Your motherboard is done sorry man and sorry I didn't get the answer first time around.
  3. yeah i thought it was the motherboard, thanks for the help, i will post up results when i get a new one and say if its working fine.
  4. Sweet man. Sorry I know exactly how you feel lol. I had a PSU die and kill my motherboard, cpu, and graphics card it was INSANE!
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